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New construction in Spain in GVA with Carl and Freyke

In the dynamic world of real estate, there are countless challenges and opportunities, especially for those venturing into managing a property business abroad on their own. Carl and Freyke, an ambitious duo with a passion for real estate, have taken the plunge and started their own new construction project in Spain. In an exclusive interview with Gazet van Antwerpen, they share their experiences, insights, and the obstacles they have had to overcome. From bureaucratic red tape to cultural differences and the unique opportunities offered by the Spanish real estate market, Carl and Freyke provide an open and honest behind-the-scenes look at their venture and offer valuable tips for anyone considering taking a similar leap.

From Police Officer to Real Estate Advisor: The Story of Carl and Freyke

From Police Officer to Real Estate Advisor: The Story of Carl and Freyke

From Fighting Crime to Real Estate: An Unexpected Turn

Up until six years ago, the lives of Carl Vorsselmans (50) and Freyke Van Looveren (33) were far from the sunny beaches of Tenerife. As police officers, they faced serious crime and terrorist threats on a daily basis. Carl was the head of special units in Limburg and Antwerp, where he hunted terrorists like Salah Abdeslam. Freyke worked for five years as an inspector with the Antwerp local police. But in 2017, they chose a drastic change of course: they moved to Tenerife to start their own real estate company, NB-ESTATES. Their new life in Spain is an adventure that demands much more than they had initially anticipated.

The Nomadic Life of Carl and Freyke

Carl and Freyke traded their careers as police officers for a life as real estate advisors in Spain. They lead a nomadic lifestyle, constantly commuting between Tenerife, the Spanish mainland, and Antwerp. Freyke explains: "We don’t really have a fixed base. We live like nomads, you could say. Lots of traveling, always busy, and very little free time. We really underestimated that." The real estate market in Spain is no easy task, and it is a demanding job with a high workload. They try to balance their time between work and the few moments of rest they have.

From Officer to Real Estate Advisor: A New Beginning

How does one go from being a police officer to working in real estate? Carl’s path to his new career was not entirely straightforward. "After my studies, I took a real estate course and applied for a BIV license. So, as a young man, I was already recognized as a real estate agent. When we bought an apartment in Tenerife, friends and family started asking for help in their search for a home," Carl explains. What began as a favor for friends grew into a full-time business.

Customer Service and Integrity in the Spanish Real Estate Market

Carl and Freyke have consciously chosen an honest and transparent approach to the real estate market. Freyke emphasizes: "We don’t see ourselves as real estate sellers, but as advisors who want to help people find the right apartment." In a sector often associated with unreliable agents, they aim to make a difference through honesty and customer service. They have built a network of reliable developers and strive to ensure that the real estate transactions they oversee are fair and transparent.

The Bureaucratic Maze of the Spanish Real Estate Market

The real estate market in Spain is known for its bureaucratic red tape and complexity. Freyke explains: "We both need to be flexible and able to adapt quickly. Spain is a bureaucratic country with many rules and obligations for our clients. The work never stops." This means they are not only finding homes for their clients but also solving administrative problems and navigating the complex Spanish legal system.

Balancing Work and Leisure Time

The life of Carl and Freyke is a constant balancing act between work and leisure. Carl says: "We work hard, but we also have to set boundaries." Leisure time is scarce, but when they do have it, they enjoy playing padel, good food, and nature. Freyke adds: "We have a bike and a chihuahua, Marcel, who always joins us on our nature rides."

The Connection with Flanders

Despite their new life in Spain, the connection with Flanders remains strong. Freyke: "It was a big step to leave Belgium behind. But by opening an office in Antwerp last year, we can maintain our connection with Flanders." For Carl and Freyke, it is important to not forget their Flemish roots, and this connection provides them with the emotional support they need in their busy life in Spain.

Conclusion: A Life in Balance Between Work and Passion

Carl and Freyke have made a remarkable transition from police officers to real estate advisors in Spain. Their work is demanding and requires a lot of time and energy, but their passion for the real estate sector and their sincere desire to help their clients drive them forward. Their adventure in Tenerife shows that even the most unexpected career changes can lead to a successful and fulfilling new chapter in life.

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